Did you know this about the King County Sheriff's Office?

Updated: Aug 14

By: Kathy Lambert King County Council Member

In the "Did you know?" category...let’s test your knowledge.

How many of these did you know???

1. The King County Sheriff's Office is the first law enforcement agency in the state to have a fully transparent and interactive dashboard on use of force incidents.

2. 88% of those in King County Jail are there for VIOLENT crimes.

3. King County Jail is the second largest mental institution in the state.

4. King County deputies all have Naloxone to save lives and reverse overdoses. (They have saved lives!)

5. King County Sheriff's Office is an office not a department and is the SOLE police force for many cities.

6. King County Sheriff Office is fully compliant with the “8 Can’t Wait” police reform policies.

7. King County Sheriff's Office was the first to offer Implicit Bias Training and make it mandatory for all employees.

8. King County has the second LOWEST incarnation rate for a major metropolitan city in the nation.

9. King County Sheriff was one of the leaders on Initiative 940 stating - it will increase trust... will help police interact with the mentally ill, deescalate confrontations and make police work safer...see Seattle Times October 2018 by Steve Miletuch (yes two years ago)

10. When I went pre-covid to national law enforcement seminars and people found out I was from King County, they wanted to ask me lots of questions as we are known as leaders in reforming criminal justice.

(I can’t tell you how many times I thought we did that 10 or 5 or 3 or X years ago and also was able to give insights to elected officials all across the country.)

Okay how many did you know?????


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