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5 and 6

Stop the defunding of our police and defend our right to vote for our Sheriff.

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Protect your right to vote for Sheriff.

Protect your right to vote for our non-partisan, independent, Sheriff. Vote NO on Charter Amendment 5. This is a dangerous companion to Amendment 6. Together they would effectively allow a “partisan” Council to assume complete control over the Sheriff’s Office to defund or dismantle it.

In 1996, King County residents wisely voted to make the Sheriff an elected and independent office. Charter Amendment 5 would take away that right and give politicians the power to choose the Sheriff. An elected, nonpartisan, Sheriff protects our system of checks and balances by acting as a counterweight to the County Executive and Council.


Currently the Executive and Council have important and powerful budget oversight. If the Executive and Council are given the authority to appoint the Sheriff as well, they would be controlled by politicians with no background or expertise in law enforcement.

If an elected nonpartisan Sheriff fails to serve the community’s interests, voters can remove that Sheriff from office through the democratic process of voting. There is no greater accountability than for the Sheriff to be elected by the people they serve.

An appointed Sheriff would answer to politicians, not the people. Vote NO on Charter Amendment 5.

Say NO to 


our County police.

Charter Amendment 6 would permit a drastic reduction of safety for much of King County and could hinder the level of service and increase emergency response times. Amendment 6 gives a few politicians power to fundamentally change the mission of our non-partisan Sheriff and allows a “partisan” County Council to defund or dismantle the office. This change was sponsored with Amendment 5 that takes away your right to vote for Sheriff.

The King County Sheriff’s Office serves cities, rural and unincorporated areas, and protects public transit. They lead the region’s response on human trafficking, help homeless citizens get much-needed assistance, find and rescue missing persons, respond to 911, and serve protection orders in domestic violence cases. Our Sheriff and deputies often help people on the worst day of their lives. They need increased support and funding, not less.

This effort to defund or dismantle the King County Sheriff’s Office is an overreaction to real concerns people have about the role of law enforcement in our community. Ask yourself: would my family and neighborhood be safer if we give this power to politicians with an unknown agenda that could make us less safe? Please vote NO on Charter Amendment 6.

A NO vote on both of these Charter Amendments is a vote to Save our Sheriff.

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